Saturday, December 6, 2008

To Joan, Our dearest friend.

God has given me great gifts
Filled with love so true.
But how was He so gracious as
To bless my life with you?
You’re simple presence In my life,
Has truly affected me.
You’ve helped me grow into the girl,
That I am proud to be.
I’m so thankful to have met you,
And for all the times we’ve shared
Somehow you have made me feel
As though I’m more prepared.
More prepared to take a stand
Of how I’m going to live.
More prepared to offer the world
All I have to give.
God is amazing in how he knows
Who to send my way.
And I know that when He sent you,
He smiled on me that day.
So thank you, thank you, so so much!
For being such a friend!
If you ever are in need,
I’ve got a hand to lend.

-Mary A. Murphy

Religious Poem

Reserved for Heaven

All my life I’ve loved the piano,
Yet never heard a note.
All my life I've loved to sing,
But couldn’t use my throat.
Born with ears that never worked,
And a mouth which never spoke,
I never had the chance to laugh,
I never heard the joke.
At first life was confusing,
I never had a clue
That there was any difference,
Between me and you.
What were they all doing?
I would always wonder.
I could see the lighting,
But what was that thing called thunder?
How I longed to know
What her voice was like,
As I watched the lady
Sing into the mic.
When I came to realize,
Why I was this way,
There wasn’t a single moment,
I wouldn’t beg and pray.
I prayed I could hear it,
Every noise on earth.
I longed to hear the baby’s cry
The moment after birth.
I longed to hear my mother’s voice,
And the song my dad would play.
I longed to tell them everything
I never got to say.
Music looked so pretty,
As I’d strum the silent harp,
But I never knew if I was flat,
Or if I was too sharp.
I’d move my lips quite often,
But I never made a sound.
When I was lost I could not cry,
But somehow I was found.
What does a hiccup sound like?
A cough, a scream, a sneeze?
I wish I knew the sounds of nature
That float within the breeze.
One day I read of Jesus
And how he cured blind,
And the thought that he could cure me too,
Never left my mind.
But then I came to realize
The reason of it all,
Not once have my ears or mouth,
Caused my soul to fall.
My mouth is pure and clean
My ears are crystal clear,
This is why the Lord did not allow
Me to speak and hear.
My ears are reserved for Heaven,
For songs of the angels above,
And most of all to speak with God,
And thank him for His love.

-Mary A. Murphy

Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayer Poem

When I Fold My Hands in Prayer

When I fold my hands in prayer
I feel safe inside.
When I kneel before the cross,
I no longer hide.
I open myself before the Lord,
I tell him what I feel.
I talk to Him with confidence,
That He will hear and heal.
I tell him how I’ll try to change
Like I know I should.
And that I know without Him,
I can do no good.
When I fold my hands real tight,
And pray to God above.
For the first time in my life,
I discover love.
‘Holy Father source of life,
You have given me,
Everything I have and need,
To someday be with Thee.
Christ the Son, who came for us,
And granted us salvation.
Your example has shown me,
To love all of creation.
Holy Spirit, fill my soul,
With Your loving grace.
So that I may one day see,
The beauty of Thy face.
Trinity please guide my steps,
Direct me towards the truth.
Help me put this gift of life,
To the greatest use.’
-Mary A. Murphy

A Poem for My Sister

Christ is Always There

Who knows what God above has planned?
Holding the world in the palm of his hand.
Creator of all we touch, hear, and see.
Creator of all life, love, and beauty.
Knowing all things and to where they will lead.
Knowing our wants but granting our needs.
Though at times it’s hard for us to understand
Why God allows such things under His command.
We must keep in mind that despite how we feel,
Our God is all knowing with a love that can heal.
No matter our state in mind, soul, or heart.
The good Lord above is there from the start.
He knows all our thoughts and sees every tear.
He knows all our joys and our every fear.
God is all loving, all knowing, and all good.
He understands all that we never could.
Everyday we wish that we could have control,
But God alone can lead us to our ever-lasting goal.
Everyday we wish that we could change the past,
But God knows what He’s doing, that pain inside wont last.
Too often we forget Him, when dealing with a loss.
So often we forget our Lord who died upon the cross.
So much pain we go through, sometimes it’s hard to bare,
But we must not forget the crown of thorns he had to wear.
We fall into depressions and can’t see past the hurt,
But Christ is falling with us, three times he hit the dirt.
Sometimes life can deal such tragedy seeming so unfair.
But it always helps to know that Christ will never fail to care.
-Mary Murphy
My eldest sister experienced a great loss recently and I dedicate this poem to her.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Make Each Moment Count!

Today I thought about my death
What would I say with my very last breath?
Who would be there to watch me pass on?
Who would pray for me when I had gone?
Would people smile at the thought of me?
Would I leave behind a good memory?
Who would be crying as they placed me in the dirt?
How many people would I leave behind hurt?
Who knows the moment of when it will be,
Who knows if today is the last day I’ll see.
Each second of life is one second closer
to that second before my life’s final closure.
Make each moment count as though it were your last,
Some moments will seem slow, but will be gone so fast.
Nothing is guaranteed in this life on earth,
Each morning has been gift, since the gift of your birth.
The night may seem so close, but who knows if you will greet it.
For tonight death may be waiting and now your turn to meet it.
Yes today I thought about my death,
Could today be the day of my very last breath?

-Mary A. Murphy

Precious Gavin

Way after dark
The phone is ringing
Who knows what news
It could be bringing.

A girl in tears
Is on the other line.
Looking for someone
To say she’ll be fine.

A life is within
That she didn’t expect.
A little baby,
Now hers to protect.

Hard to speak
With tears on her face,
While speaking to his parents,
She feels so out of place.
But words so sweet
Are the only replies.
They are there for support;
And she no longer cries.

Nine months later
The baby is here,
It was a long hard wait,
But she now holds him near.

The world became warmer,
When Gavin was born,
His sweet little face
Seemed to blur all the torn.

All the family
Is home and excited
With so much love,
Their hearts are ignited.

They can’t wait to meet
The cute baby boy,
That brought their older brother
So much joy.

He grew so fast,
And it didn’t take long,
He was such a healthy baby,
Like daddy, nice and strong.

Two months had past,
For the two and their boy,
Gavin their angel,
Their bundle of joy.

Such proud parents,
When they spoke of their son,
They loved to brag,
Of their new little one.

One night at home,
They put Gavin to bed,
With such deep love
They kissed his small head.

But something was wrong
Why wasn’t he crying?
In the stillness of night,
He was peacefully dying.

Such a deep sleep,
They couldn’t awake him,
Because late that night,
God decided to take him.

Now once again,
The parents are scared,
They had never felt
So horribly unprepared.

Their perfect little child
Was now taken from their lives.
A pain that cuts much deeper
Than the sharpest of all knives.

Gavin now looks down,
He loves his parents so,
If he could speak to them,
I’m sure he’d tell them so.

Though Gavin’s life was so short,
It was filled with so much love.
And how happy he must be,
Now safe with God above.

We will always remember Gavin,
Throughout our every day,
And though he feels so far,
Close to our hearts he’ll stay.

In loving memory of my precious nephew,
Gavin Joseph Murphy
May 30th – July 31st 2008

-Mary A. Murphy

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well, so far the Teens for Life Group has been going very well.
We have had 2 meetings and our 3rd one is the 16th of October.
We are going to have T'shirts made for our group and everyone is excited for that.
Some of us were able to get together and go to the Life Chain this year and you can see pictures and a video of highlights from that on our blog -
I love this new group and I love the thought of growing and really makeing a difference which I'm confident we will!
If you know anyone or anyways we can further increase this group please let me know!
Keep our group in your prayers!
God Bless you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


to my twin sister joann...


Once upon a time
16 years ago,
We at last discovered
The world in all its glow.
You and I together,
Matching clothes and all,
Wrapped up tight in daddy’s hands,
So light, so young, so small.
Me the ball of laughter,
And you the serious one.
We Always had to share,
But still had loads of fun.
From teething times, and potty-training,
We sure had a blast.
And when all that was over,
Mom’s thankful words of “at last”.
You were pink and pretty,
But I loved Green and Blue.
We were so much different,
But oh, how I loved you.
I loved to get real filthy,
And that’d made mommy mad,
But you liked playing dolls more,
And that wasn’t quite as bad.
Sure we loved to make messes,
And hated clean up time,
But really it was our job,
Is being cute a crime?
They told us to stop growing,
They said time went too fast,
But of course we ignored them,
And 14 years had passed.
Now we are much older,
And things are different now,
Time did pass too quickly,
And we now wonder how.
All of our A B C’s
Have changed to X’s and Y’s,
And we’re supposed to solve them,
With no more second tries.
As younger girls we always wanted
To know to much and more,
But knowing more is not much fun,
Like we had picture before.
Growing up was once the dream,
But now I miss those days,
When wrong was wrong, right was right,
And life wasn’t such a maze.
It never mattered how my hair looked,
Or if my outfit matched.
But now that’s what its all about,
And I feel so detached.
The world can easily twist the heart,
And cause some pointless pain.
But despite any force on earth,
Twins we will remain.
Though we’ve always had to share a room,
And never had much space,
We have a close relationship
That none could ever replace.
Sure we fight over closet room,
And who made the mess on the floor,
But still I would not ask for less….
And couldn’t ask for more.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer work... aka... Baby sitting fun!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BABY SITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have started my summer job.... AND I'M LOVING IT!!! All it baby sitting 3 awesome kids all day!
What I do is wake up at 6:00-6:30am and get myself woken up for the day. I prepare everything with my little babysitting check list and list of new ideas (sometimes) and at (exactly) 7:30am start walking towards their house..15 mins later (due to my very slow..easily distracted walking) I get there. I officially start at 8:00..but it never hurts to be early so the mom can leave for work perfectly on time!
The kids are usually awake when I get there..give or take a kid and we watch some TV or Wii.
I then Make breakfast.. today I made them something they surprisingly had never heard about..and yea they were actually surprised at my cooking skills when they sunk their little teeth into my home made crapes (topped with heated syrup..freshly picked strawberries...and powdered sugar!! yum!)
After that we brushed our teeth (really well!)-(just routine)..did some reading (an hour everyday along with math)... and then went and took a present to the neighbor birthday boy! (turning three).
We stayed there for a long while and then went home and had a picnic lunch! (delicious!)-grilled cheese and lots of fruit and carrots! After that..we had all 3 neighbor kids over for a scavenger hunt , water balloon toss, and swimming. That was so much fun!! Just lots of kids having a blast!
Next we went down to a pound and fished with nets (after the neighbors went home).... and we got dirty and wet! (yay another excuse to run through the sprinklers!) We caught lots of fish and I took lots of pictures.. but only on their camera. (mine is now handicap)
After we got all wet and clean..and then of course dry again...we did arts and crafts! (well attempted..we will finish them tomorrow.) Yesterday we made animals out of sea shells - a turtle (by the youngest girl)- a seal and rabbit (by me), and a funny looking head of something (by the eldest)-- that was lots of fun except for the massive glue gun burn on my finger! (I'll get pictures eventually)

They day ended (ends) with a little clean up with music (and dancing like crazy) and then mom gets home... and I walk home (unless I take the golf cart or something else..but I like to walk)
By the first ...hour... of my job me and the kids became best friends... we went
to my house (right down the road via golf cart) and I gave them a tour... we
also took some crazy and cute pictures on the computer to remember our first day!
We fill every room with color!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Greatest Music Video of ALL Time!

Copy and paste this in order to watch the most amazing music video of all time!
Their voices, the words, and most of all the the most beautiful combination I've seen.
If you haven't seen The Passion by Mel Gibson yet, you should deffinatly do so!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am Pro-Life.

"Problem" Solved??

God sees a gift.
You see a disease.
God grants new life.
"Nurse kill it please”
If she could speak,
What would she say?
If she could run,
She’d run away.
Kept inside,
Nowhere to hide.
Ripped apart,
A tiny heart.
A little brain,
That feels the pain.
A clenched fist.
Too small to resist.
Tossed in the trash,
She hands over the cash….
“Problem” solved??????

Murder = Crime.
Homicide: a fancy name for “murder of another”
Suicide: a fancy name for “murder of one’s self”
Genocide: fancy name for “murder of group of people”
Abortion: fancy name for “murder of one’s child”

Monday, May 26, 2008

aDoPtion, the loving option....not aBoRtion, the...MURDER

I was at a Catholic book store and saw a really neat card...It had something like this on it.... I couldn't find it any where I made my own on "paint" and here ya go. I just thought it was really neat. (I didn't do the best job at it.

This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day

Aisle after aisle of crosses in the ground
Those who fought with liberty on their lips
Now rest without a sound.
Uncles and brothers,
Father’s and Mothers,
All American soldiers who no longer stand.
The American soldiers who died for this land.
Your freedom wasn’t free,
Just look and you’ll see.
Family’s who cry for who they have lost,
Yes…Freedom in fact has a horrible cost.
Each solider knows what is at stake:
That they are risking their life in the choice they make.
That their children are at home constantly waiting
As their next move their leaders are always debating.
That tomorrow morning might never greet them.
And that dreaded death might suddenly meet them.
Helmets clapped down, knees in the ground,
Weapons ready, nice and steady,
An American solider prepared to fight.
Praying that he will live through the night.
We either fight or we die,
There’s no other reason why.
War is tragic but when he hears the bombs hit,
And the cry’s of many, he is reminded why he is a soldier.
Because of the soldiers who stood up and fought,
You have the great freedom that you’ve got.
Because of the thousands that now lay in the dirt.
You and your loved ones can live without hurt.
Someone has to be there, someone has to fight.
Let’s honor the people who did what was right.
This memorial day,
Let’s remember and pray
For the soldiers who gave their lives for this country,
And their proud families who must miss them dearly.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pray For My Sister!

My sister, her husband, and their five kids have just left on a HUGE road trip.
As We ALL know, that's going to be one BIG hassle, (despite all the fun!).
They are going to be in the "relm" of tornadoes for part of their journey...
so for their saftey....Please pray they make it home =, after haveing an amazing time, in one perfectly safe peice.!
Thank you a million!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Importance of Family


It’s colder tonight
As the winter draws near.
Still in our cardboard home,
Daddy said to stay here.

They took away our house,
Now we live on the street.
No one seems to care,
Not a single person we meet.

Daddy lost his job,
And one week later left.
Now he is in jail,
For violence and theft.

All my toys are gone.
The baby won’t stop crying.
Mommy can’t find work,
But she will never stop trying.

I’m sick of all the pavement.
I want my soft warm bed.
No covers but newspaper.
The side walk for my head.

Mommy brought home some candy.
One chocolate bar to share.
She also brought us mittens.
We each got our own pair.

My watch is broken,
It must be after midnight.
The ally way is filled,
With the ambulance light.

They’ve come to take the baby,
She cannot even breathe.
Mommy climbs in with them,
And without me they all leave.

Now I’m all alone.
All I can do is pray.
But when talking to God,
I don’t know what to say.

“God I know you watching,
I feel You in my heart.
You’ve watched us in our strengths,
And have seen us fall apart.

Thank You for all the mornings,
I though I’d never see.
Thank You for this strength,
You’ve put inside of me.

You always bring mom home,
In health and a good mood.
And despite the hard conditions,
You bless us with some food.

The world is a hard place.
But family helps allot.
They make me forget what I don’t have.
And appreciate what I’ve got.

Please bring them both back,
So I can see them again.
This is all I ask.
Thank you God, Amen.”

I walked to the hospital.
When the next day had arrived.
Mommy was in the chapel.
The baby hadn’t survived.

She looked into to my eyes,
And told me to be strong.
She held me in her arms,
And sang me a song.

The song was about Jesus,
And his amazing grace.
And as she sang it to me,
Tears streamed down her cold face.

She was shaking out of control
Her breathing became real deep.
She fell upon the ground;
I prayed she was only asleep.

I ran to get some help.
The doctor finally came.
She was still on the ground,
But didn’t look the same.

Her eyes were open
She had a smile on.
But she wasn’t awake.
She was gone.

Her eyes were looking at the cross.
Her hands gripped her medal tight.
I knew she was with God,
And that I would be alright.

The doctor had me taken care of,
The nurses took me away.
They put me in an orphanage,
And there I was supposed to stay.

I finally had a bed again,
and food at every meal.
They were all so good to me,
I didn’t think it was real.

Months later a family came to visit.
They talked with me for a while.
They said they wanted to take me home.
I said yes with a smile.

They welcomed me as a new member,
I felt like I belonged there.
I told them about my story.
They always seemed to care.

I missed my mother and sister,
But God had a plan for me.
Now he holds them closer,
For all eternity.

The world is a hard place.
But family helps allot.
They make me forget what I don’t have.
And appreciate what I’ve got.


A Return Home.
The mother holds her precious daughter
praying for the return of the loving father
He wares his cross close to his heart
and watches while all hope falls apart
The enemy is gaining all sense of powerand
he misses his family more by the hour
to make it home alive is his only thought
while he’s dodging the sounds of shot after shot
He wants to wrap his baby girl tight in his arms
to protect her, and his family from all harms
But he a soldier has duty to the call
and will fight to the end, though the end might prove small
Tears flow from his eyes though a man he may be
as he looks at his companions who can no longer breath
as he grasps his cross tightly in his fist
he runs into dark deep mist
determined to make it home
But he cannot make it alone.
His men are scattered all over the ground,
the bombs are everywhere yet he cant here a sound.
His heart is set on his little girls face,
As he runs for cover in this cold and forbidden place.
One second he’s there the next he is gone.
He awakes into light, as if the light was switched on.
Surrounded by loved ones and his relieved family,
He wakes up to find what he prayed he’d live to see.
He had fallen in the dark and the enemy had withdrawn.
The war had ended just when all hope was gone.
No one quite knew how he stayed alive.
Something greater than weapons had helped him survive.
Now he is home, and safe from all harm,
Holding his new baby with his uninjured arm.

I found this .. a poem I had written a while ago. And I thought someone might like to read it, tell me what you think.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A Little Poem for Mom:

Mom you’ve always made me stronger,

Taught me to hold on for just a little longer.

You correct my mistakes and praise my success.

You love to tell me just how to dress.

Being a teen I often cause trouble,

And being a twin, the difficulty is double.

However I’ve learned much more from you,

Than all of those friends who affect what I do.

I know you love me, and always choose what’s best;

I’m jut one of the 12 soon to leave the nest.

You really are magnificent in all that you are.

You’re my life’s greatest example by far!

You gave me life, along with Joann,

And you’ve help me to live it,

the best that I can.

Thank you a million for all you have done,

Up to now, since the instant my life begun.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring Poem

Such beauty fills the spring,
New life for everything.
Metallic colors fill the skies,
With the magic of each dazzling sunrise.
And Let's not forget,
The beauty of each sunset.
Dandelions all yellow and bright,
Transform into wishes that drift out of sight.
A walk in the sun will the do the soul good.
Time always flies by, faster than it should.
Reflections of greens and blues trapped in the lake.
A perfect day for a malt or a shake.
No need for a coat, but grab one just in case.
Those chancy clouds might steel, that sunlight on your face.
The frogs just keep going, and crickets never end!
But at least it's nice knowing, you can listen with a friend.
It seemed like winter lasted forever,
And the beginning of summer was going to be never.
But now it is spring, and nature is awake!
It's all announcing, the long waited Summer break!
We've had our fill of school's complication,
Let's hurry up and get started with Summer vacation!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Unheard Call.

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you live as you wish"-Mother Theresa

Just a little baby
So small and petite
Waits with his mom
In the hospital seat.

“Where am I, I wonder
What do I look like?
Will my name be John..
Or will she call me Mike?

I can’t wait to see
what it’s like outside
It’s getting a little crowded,
In this place I ride.

I must be getting heavy,
I bet she cannot wait,
Maybe she’ll have me early
…hopefully I wont be late.

I’m getting so impatient…
I want to see the land,
Oh look here comes the doctor!”
The doctor takes her hand.

“What is he telling her?
I can’t quite make it out,
but mommy’s voice sounds scared,
so full of fear and doubt.

I hope she is okay,
I’ll comfort her before long,
I cant wait to meet her!
Now what could be going wrong?

Here comes all the nurses,
They are lying her in a bed,
I know this isn’t home,
what could the doctor have said?

Are those tears on her face?
I don’t like it here,
My mommy isn’t happy,
And I’m beginning to fear.

What… me, Fetus?
I don’t like that name,
I want my mom to name me,
but she seems too ashamed.

Mom I’ll be a good son,
I will make you smile,
just wait till you see me,
I’ll be there in a little while.

I’m so excited to see you,
I bet you’re beautiful and bright,
Because I’ve seen your face,
In my dreams each night.

Mommy, did that nurse call me tissue?
Don’t listen to them please.
Because you must know I’m here,
I’m not just some disease.

I have fingers like you do,
And a face I know you’ve seen,
The doctor showed me to you,
On that one black screen

What are all those tools for?
They better not hurt you,
For if they harm you one bit,
I’ll harm them too.

Ouch that hurt…
What’s happening to me?
be very gentle,
I’m only a baby.

Mommy do something,
they are trying take my life,
why are you letting them cut me
with that knife.

What’s going on,
Your shaking,
At least its not your life,
These nurses are taking.

Mommy, I’m up higher now,
I see you down below,
I’m safe here but disappointed,
Because I loved you so.

How’s Life without me?
Doesn’t look so great.
I wish I could be there to help,
But now it’s too late.

I’m not alone here, don’t worry
There are other baby’s too,
they all are here for the same reason,
we all had moms like you.

Each day I see new faces,
all scratched up and torn,
these are all the faces,
Of the precious unborn.

God says he’s sorry,
that we never got to live,
and never had the chance,
to see what He tried to give.

One little girl I met,
Was going to cure cancer.
But now her mom has got it,
And the world’s without an answer

So many brilliant people,
Fill this place I now stay.
They all had a place in the world,
But that place was taken away.

God’s curious about,
What’s going through your head.
He sent you a precious gift,
But you chose pain instead.

Mother I am sorry,
that you where so mistaken,
the nurses all told lies,
and so my life was taken.

Some people down there know,
That abortion is wrong,
they are trying to stop it,
but they are taking too long.

They need more help you see,
Because they are so small,
Just like my friends and me,
You couldn’t hear our call.

Friday, April 25, 2008

First Place?!?! Crazy!

Well I had totally forgotten about the Abortion Poem I had entered into the competition. Last night as i was lying in bed sick, after being in bad all day, my mom brought me a mail package and I had no clue who it was from. Turns out it was from the Right to Life Center, and Inside I found....a 1st place certificate and ribbon, a coupon for DQ, comments from 4 different judges along with the scores they all gave me, and a precious hands pin, It made me really excited. I didn't think I would even come in third..or close to that! I'm glad that my poem touched a few people...someday I wish all of America could be touched and band abortion forever. I really want to make a difference, like we all should. If we can't change the world...we can try to change one heart at a time. But anyways... a special thanks to my math teacher who informed me a day before about the competition...and that night before at like 11pm I added about 200-250 words to the poem..and then turned it into her the next day..and she took care of the rest. Thank you!.

My poem....(in case you'd like to read it) in my post section for Febuary under: A Mother Mistaken...Another Life Taken. (tell me what you think!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

SNOW>! AGAIN!?! (april shower of photos) day 20

I WOKE UP AND SNOW WAS EVERYWHERE!!!! It was so shocking! Once again the weather went wild! Every time summer starts to reveal its arrival, we are fooled again! Oh well it is beautiful! and I love it! IT'S SNOWING SUNSHINE! ;) God is so creative =oP. Well I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! ---or not. lol

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Story of God's Grace.

God’s Grace

“This will all be over soon…it will pass by like nothing ever happened…. everything will go…. fine.” Thought Amanda to herself as she stood outside the abortion clinic entrance with her uncontrollably shaking hands both tightly gripping the door handle. Something inside her told her to turn around, but she told herself she must go in. Frustrated and confused with herself she began to declaim, “Open! Stupid door! Hands don’t you work? Come on just go in, it’s no big deal!” She started to try and reassure herself more quietly and controlled saying “I know, I’ll just do it really fast, before I know it I’ll be walking back out…care free. Now Open!”
Just then a little girl walked up from behind, seeming as if she appeared from nowhere. She was a very verbose little girl and it was clear as she began to talk to Amanda saying “Excuse me, to open the door first you must twist the handle and the push like this!” and she opened the door. Amanda quickly replied, “I know, I’m just nervous I guess, but thank you anyway.” Suddenly the little girl shuts the door again and blocked it with her entire body saying, “Nervous! Nervous about what? Tell me please! Could it be your getting a shot? You really don’t have to worry about that, I’d know because I’ve had lots of shots before, or maybe…” “No, no, no nothing like that, trust me. My goodness you are a loquacious little girl, aren’t you?” Said Amanda. The little girl replied, “Well I am Grace, I am 7 years old and I do not know what loquacious means but thank you it sounds very nice, but forget about compliments just tell me the reason you are nervous! Please?” Amanda thinks of a way to explain herself, she begins by saying ..

“Well, Grace, I am pregnant, and…”
“Your Pregnant! Oh my! Congratulations! Have you chosen a name? Is it a boy…or a girl like me? Do you know?” as Grace exclaimed this she then began to talk more concerned. She placed her small hands on Amanda’s stomached and quietly whispered, “Wait, why so nervous?” Amanda started to cry and said, “Well, I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, to me this pregnancy is more of a malediction than anything.” Grace started to cry “Malediction, how sad of a word that sounds, but don’t worry I’m sure you and your baby will be alright. Please tell me, what is wrong with your baby?” Amanda wiped her tears stepped away from the door and said to Grace, “Nothing, my baby is fine, I am the only one with a problem.” Grace smiled and said, “In that case go see the doctor, get a shot or two, and everything will be fine. Trust me it will!” Amanda turned around looked up at the clinic, and furthermore to the heavens thanking God. When she turned around Grace had vanished just the way she had come, without a trace.
Seven months later Amanda had a baby girl and named her Grace. Grace grew to be the most beautiful, optimistic, and affable girl you could ever meet. Constantly reminding Amanda of the gift of life. Amanda is now ineffably happy. She programs many colloquiums on the topic of Life versus Choice. Being a linguist she even travels to different countries, meeting in many different forums hoping to someday interdict the act of abortion. She has published a book where she indited her story of the little girl who saved her baby’s life, and restored Amanda’s life as well. Just as Grace touched Amanda’s heart Amanda prays to touch the heart of America, by God’s Grace.

(We all had to use ten vocab words to compose a really short me being obsessed with being pro-life and catholic...I couldnt resist a senerio I kept imagining in my head. God's grace allows so much in life, and if we pray for He will give it to us, somtimes He also cant resist, so the little girl in this story is supposed to be an signify God's "Grace". ..just in case no one cought on (^-^) Well I wrote it Extremly fast and in a hurry. tell me what you think!)

A loving son---to a loving father

Today as I was beginning to help clean our messy upstairs I found, hidden inside my moms 1971 freshmen high school yearbook a letter from my dad to my mom…. and also a poem my dad had written so long ago to my grandma. I thought it was the sweetest thing, thinking of my grandma as I read it, wishing I could have just met her, a tear came to my eyes. Such a simple little poem….but it has so much meaning.

"God sent you dad
You became his wife
And from your love
You gave me life.

When I was born,
You held me close,
Took a real good look,
And said “where’s his nose?”

When I heard you say that,

It hurt my pride,
But you were just kidding,
So I let it slide.

I was just getting to know ya,
And ya went and had Tom,

Boy I was jealous,
But I still love ya, mom.

Whenever my chips were down,
Or maybe I got the flu,
I thought it was over,
But you always pulled me through.

Yes, all through my childhood,

And into my teenage trend,
You were not only my mother,
But my best friend.

I started liking girls,
Always good girls too,
But the one I chose would have to be,
Someone just like you.

You’re the perfect picture,
Of what a girl should be,
Pretty and bright,
And always happy.

When I joined the Guard,
No matter where I’ve gone to,
Though much fun I’ve had,
I’ve always missed you.

But most of all,
You’ve made me strong,
With the faith in God,
and I love you mom.
Love Pat.”

I never knew how sweet my dad could be! (Haha just kidding, he’s always been the sweetest. Things I love most about my dad is the way he can always (ALWAYS) make me laugh, he can always give me a straight answer, he wakes me up in the morning with his guitar and amazing voice, he loves my mom the way a man should always love his wife, and he has always loved me, and I know this through, not only the paycheck he brings home everyday but all the little things he does. From what I’ve heard of my Grandma, he is a lot like her. Gosh were would I be without my dad….ouch.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today is such an awesome day!!!!! It is my parents anniversary!!! (even though it ends in an hour!)

We have all (all twelve of us kids!) been blessed so IMMENSELY with such great parents! (aka THE BEST!)
I've learned from them how life should be lived, they have shown me how to live as a strong and true Catholic (everyday I learn more!) This is a faith they stood for the day they got married and one I will if necessary I would die for if it comes to that. Without my parents being who they are, I wouldn't even want to think of who I might be today. Because So much of them is in me, and there it will ALWAYS stay.
They are out to a movie right now...celebrating of course! 31 years of life (beautiful life) they are celebrating!!! It's so amazing! And no doubt I'll love them next year and for all long as they both love each other this way for that long ;). Which of obvious!! I'd like to ask you all to pray for them today! As I will pray also...(mostly in thanksgiving!) ! GOD BLESS!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Okay so I am very Irish...and even though I already have an extremly Irish name....
I did the little "Irish name quiz" Its purdy coool. EXCEPT you cant cheet by redoing you name over and over waiting for one you like....Well anyways....HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY!

my name...
Your Irish Name Is...
Sorcha McCarthy

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sweet 32

Hola me and Joann are now 16!! Exciting right? lol.
I'm so excited to now be able to get a job.....and drive eventually!
It will be nice.
On our birthday we went ice skating, with some of the sweetest little kids out there! I had alot of fun..and I was amazed how quickly they all learned to skate!
After that we went ballroom dancing, that was fun as always. HOWEVER.. we are going to continue the celebration..but not until spring break, Joann is planning a bowling party (cosmic bowling..Woohoo... and I am planning a little ski trip with friends from out of town! I can NOT wait =D!!!! lol. I love breaks from school!
Well That about wraps it up!Have a great day and God Bless!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

SCOTTY "too hotie" haha!

(haha he looks so happy with us, no?)
Scott, the 5 letter word for the coolest big bro I could ask for! Who has recently hit the age of 18...uho...responsiblity in action! hhaha Scott is so great =D. He's so kind and generous when I comes to transport his oh so loving little sisters..ahah like me ;). Im going to be so sad when he goes of to college which I know he'll dominate! lol. Well This is a tribute to his birthday! (a little late but oh well =oP).

Here are some pictures to represent they one and only scotty I'm talking about!

(they both make my life so neat! Here's a picture taken back at Christmas time =D)
He is an amazing paintballer! (man I hate playing with him!) lol. He gets me good!
We all love scotty! And he is such an awesome golf player as well... This year he won best player award again!(also another game I hate playing with him! But I also learn allot..and have allot of (hilarious) fun!

I love being an Aunt.

I woke up yesterday morning with the sweetest little surprise ever.
Not knowing that we had planned on babysitting my sister's kids that day, they had all come over early that morning while I was still asleep (after having a crazy day Friday with having my wisdom teeth pulled). My youngest niece, whom I guess was a little tired that morning, had climbed up into my bed and slept cuddled up with me for at least 2-3 hrs. I was so surprised to find her in my bed but also thought it was so cute. She started laughing as soon as I woke her up. Shes always so happy. I had an awesome day with all of them, nothing could ever replace the amazing experience of being an aunt...and I'm just getting started! lol. All thanks to my awesome sister(s).

A good teacher and GREAT freind =D

Okay soo let me pick an awesome person in my life to tell you all a little about....
OH I KNOW! My most amazing, perfect, and awesomely brilliant MATH TEACHER! oh yea! As an awesome mother with beautiful kids, cool as ever husband, and a handful of students who love her to death..Trina, My math teacher qualifies as one of my heroes!
not many people in this world can say that about their math teachers either so harhar!
Ive always had such a hard time teaching myself when I was home schooled and was really nervous about going to such a challenging school, but then I realized I would be fine after meeting my teachers. (especially this one!)
She teaches me Algebra 2 now, she's already taught me algebra 1/2 and 1.
I've been able to pull of A's in her class and meanwhile had a great experience actually loving the subject!
(her fave. color is green =D same as mine!!)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Im officially stupider!

This morning I got my wisdom teeth yanked on out of there...purdy interesting experience. I loved the surgeon who did the procedure. ..... I'm curious why they didn't give my teeth to me.....I miss my wise little guys. Cant wait till I can start easting normally lol. I was going to go dancing tonight....but no way Jose!
Scott, Kevin, and I all got 4 teeth each pulled... haha we were all like zombies walking out of that building. with occasional blood streaming out. haha.
My favorite part...of getting them pulled....I think was actually sleeping for once.
I love how they walk you to another bed and you eventually wake up, only remembering the last words the surgeon said to you before you fell asleep.. what I remember was the assistant people and the surgeon surrounding me... all starring at me as he said "you are now going to fall slowly into a deep sleep.....) and I was gone. (cool right?)
Well I'm going to go take some more medication...starting to hurt a tad...
and maybe watch this movie we rented! (it was so neat...I woke up and they handed me a bouquet of flowers and a free rental blockbuster card =D I love them!)
The movie looks really cute... its "Becoming Jane".
Well God Bless! Have a great day. and pray I will as well lol.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Mother Mistaken ....Another Life Taken.

(i modified it a little, because I am now entering it into this abortion *paper* competition. Which tomorrow happened to be the dead line for.)
A Mother Mistaken...Another Life Taken.

She wonders if she'll ever feel the same
wishing she could erase this unquenchable shame.
"How could I have destroyed a gift so great?
Have forced upon such an innocent life, such a horrible fate?
It seemed so simple and clear
but now I feel the pain of each piercing tear.
I've done the unspeakable; I’ve committed such a crime.
Now I'm left with regrets unbearable, I'll bare for all time.
I'd give anything to make things right,
knowing that it's too late I can't sleep at night.
They lied, it was a crime, I know that it had to be.
I cried, things weren’t fine; the murder of my baby was all I could see.
If some should say, that it wasn’t wrong.
For them I'll pray, for it was all along.
I do not blame others, for it was my choice.
But If only I could change yours, please hear my voice.
What they say is a tissue, resembles your face,
and has a beautiful future none can replace.
To take it away, like I did to my daughter.
Was not the right answer, it was man-slaughter.
She'd still be alive; she’d be here with me.
In my arms I'd hold my precious baby.
How can one say, that she is a tissue?
This way of thought is more than an issue.
What else should one look like in that stage of life?
This has become, an incredible strife.
If I had known or thought this way before,
I would have never walked into that clinic door.
When will this end? How could it have begun?
My conscience will never mend, I have nowhere to run.
This murder, this injustice, we must see that it's incorrect.
How could we treat Gods power with such disrespect?
The rights of the baby were sacrificed for my own.
The decision of her taken life was based on my convenience alone.
What sort of mother am I, to do such a thing?
The baby did no wrong, but I was wrong in everything.
They told me this “tissue” was not really alive.
But even microscopic cells live and survive.
Well this BABY has more than one cell!
I should have thought this through before, but instead I fell.
I was blinded by how MY life would be affected.
By lies, and deception my mind was infected.
Did it solve my problem? No, my life will never be the same.
But worst of all, the baby never had the chance of life, only a taste of pain.
A wrong can never be justified by another wrong. This is a fact.
The way we avoid this, is through the truth we extract.
Murder is murder, no matter the victim.
Only God can take a life, the choice belongs him.
It must stop. Before you make the choice I did, I’m begging you...DONT!
It wont make you feel better or solve your problems, it won’t, please believe me. IT WON’T!”

Monday, February 18, 2008

TODAY WAS THE GREATEST DAY IN HISTORY!!!!!! (I bet your all thinking...presidents day?)
WELL YOUR ALL WRONG!!!! IT WAS MY DADS BIRTHDAY!!!!!! =D I mean.. you should have guessed that right off right?!! AS an amazing grandfather, father, electrician, and simply great dad is Really my hero! I love him so much its craziness! He really could make a zombie smile! And I can never stop laughing at his jokes! Hes just such a great guy! And I'm so lucky to be so close to my Dad =) a little daddy's girl =) and proud of it! oh yea!
Well.. I just wanted to fill you all mark this day on your calenders and say a prayer for my awesome dad on this awesome day!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I don’t know what to do,
I’m lost, I’m scared, I’m nothing without you.

my thoughts are tangled and twisted,
my heart, afraid of things it once trusted.
many things are blurred and hard to see
not in sight, or hearing but feelings inside me.
how can I know what’s true and what’s not?
Is there an honest answer? I must be taught.
I’m shivering, but so warm, what does this mean?

I feel dirty inside, but outward I’m clean.
Oh Lord, Help me determine right from wrong.

Grant me your grace so I may be strong.
In all my decisions, the great and the small,
help me to be consistent with your grace through them all.
You’ve given such marvels and joys in this life

help us to share them with people in strife.
Help us to understand what you want us to see,
You give us the choice, and the chance to be happy,

Its our own will, and decisions that get us so lost,
The death of your son, was our transgressions cost.
And now we can follow you in full, for eternity,
so long as we have your grace and forgivness, which has perpetuity.
Cleanse me, and make me warm, and purify once more.
Clear the way, help me see, your answers I wait for =).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunrise sunrise...looks like morning in your eyes ;)

You Are Sunrise
You enjoy living a slow, fulfilling life. You enjoy living every moment, no matter how ordinary.You are a person of reflection and meditation. You start and end every day by looking inward. Caring and giving, you enjoy making people happy. You're often cooking for friends or buying them gifts.All in all, you know how to love life for what it is - not for how it should be.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Hurray! I past my permit test (first try), it was kinda confusing, but hey..It's all good.
I cant wait till I can actually get behind the wheel!! (its about time!)
Ugh, I hate the picture so much, they are way to quick about it! cI mean come one...let a girl take her time! O well....I'll just make sure my licence picture isn't as bad of one..that's the one that matters!
(Joann's a little upset, I passed and she did not quite make the cut...she'll get it the next time around though!)

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I can tell her absloutly anything and everything....and cool thing is.. i honestly do tell her anyway...and thats how FLY our freindship really is!
SO it all began when our family switched from Shady Cove Church to Sacred Heart Perish. =D those where the good ol' days.
I was farly small...just a young know back when it didnt matter what you wore and boys had cuties....anywho, we always wore our little sunday dresses to church..which I miss =oP, and somtimes me and her would save up our money just for sundays when me and her would go load up on junk food..haha. we got in trouble half the time too! we probably walked all the way arounf the church about...1,000,000 times! And still do every once in a while lol. I bet when we are old little ladies, we will still do that! Just like now, we walk to lunch from school, and ohhh mannn it is WAY fun!

We laugh so much, thats our P.E class for the day!

So anyway...Me and Lynn always stay up forever talking, do hwk together..haha probably why i can pull off A's sometimes... and whats really cool, is that we both want to be "kid nurses" (isnt that cool!) I cant wait tilll the day comes where our kids can be best freinds also!!! haha AWSOME!! I'm going to force them to get along even if they cant stand eachother!! haha.

Well Lindsay, if you read this, I just want to thank you for everything!!! It's so important to have good freinds in life like you!!! and if your not should totally meet lindsay! and cheack out her blog! --i have it marked on my list of favorite blogs...=D---

well here are a few pictures of THEE lindsay-bindsay herself...well and me ..;)
(Chicas Bonitas)

(we are besties for life!)

(So She wants to kill me somtimes..only when i get better grades..haha thank goodness that doesnt happen often!.....)
(SLEEPOVERS/////i nights (^-^) hahahaha. )



he now, must use both his awesome little hands to present his age to the world,
So me and rascal are pretty much the coolest aunt&nephew bond ever..well at least I think so...because I'm the lucky aunt.


(always looking up to his big brother)

AT age Five!............................ (He had the best sense of style in town!)

WE ALL DREAD HITTING THE AGE OF SIX, lets see how Rascal reacts....

(I don't know how ready he is to grow up quite so quickly =/) lol.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Braces! AGAIN?

I always rember my past horifications, and tortures of braces..but not once did i ever imagine RE-living it! (haha at leats this time its not as fact, im stronger, braver, and starighter this time are now no surprises!..well except for the very surprise of those little pest brackets REAPEARING!)
well, i was trying to hide it, and was doing very well in fact, it took everybody two days to realize that I have braces on my bottom teeth all over again...well only six brackets, but it still hurts like crazy!! Its just because their work is "guarenteed" so now, because they didnt give me a retainer, and my wisdom teeth..which are coming out soon..caused a "teensy, weensy, croockedness" i now have to endure the pain of more braces for possibly 2 months...again " painfull!"
I was so shocked when they actually sat me down and got out stuff for more braces, I honestly couldnt beleive it until after they were on, i was like
"so you guys werent jokeing! that case I want to pick asome colors again!! (=D! I loved that part! haha. ) "so lets see...since im a little mad about this im going to make it as complicated as I possibly can! Two Irish flags please!" (since there are six in all the three colors x 2 = perfect) and so, I now am ready for St. Patericks day!! (oh goody!) and if anybody pintches me....ooooooo your dead meat!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


OKAY so I LOVE BABYsitting more than any job ever, and not just because It's like the only job I have actually ever I have so much fun with little kids It's awsome! They are my miniture best freinds! (If one of you moms are reading this Id just like to let you know that if you just call me up...Ill babysit for you! ;) service with a smile!)

Last time I babysat I told the kids we were going to make corndogs! So they all got dressed up in their cook outfits from the pamer cheff and ....haha well we cooked corn dogs all on out own...the hardest part was proabably setting the timer. Well While we were at it, i couldnt help but grabb the camera!!


Well its that time of year again! aka REPORT CARDS! and yea you guessed it...I am now going to tell you my grades....NOT!
So.. i didn't do the best I could, but thanks too my awesome teachers I didn't do the worst I could either =oP.
Well my parents were "pleased" and us... lets just say we were "relieved"
Anyway, today I went straight from school---to home----to my favorite place in the entire UNIVERSE!! ----the orthodontists of course... (psh..loads of fun!)

Well I found out I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled!!! OH JOY!!

After that fun little trip, I got an excellent for brushing and now I get to go and load up on ice cream at DQ....gosh the dentist cracks me up!

"Hey kids you've been doing an excellent job brushing....time for more candy! heres a certificate for ice cream! go load up!"

Well I always love the people at the orthodontist! They are all so nice, and funny. We laugh alot and I really sometimes...rarely..occasionally...have fun!

"BEAUTY IS PAIN! but why does it got to hurt so dang much!"

Joann (bracketless) and Me (in pain!)

moving forwards>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I am right now working on math homework, oh my gosh I love my math teacher ! she gives us so much homework, which I love! thank you Trina! lol. (and u bet im being serious!) It's just ..I have to actually go and complete it right now!
So I wish you all a pleasant "ortho free" day! haha...yea we wish right.
Got to love a good smile though, I mean, as much as I smile, without this braces Id go insane!! And so would the people I smile at!!

Well GOD BLESS! Buenos Noches, y Buenos dias!

Monday, February 4, 2008

First Post!

Hello I am Mary and this is my first blog in the history of (my) BLOGS! Yep, I'm purdy excited about it! All thanks too my gorgeous, outrageously awesome, and amazing sister Jessie..I mean Jessy. lol. (just playing Jess.) Well, Since It just so happens that my account began yesterday, which just so happened to be SUPER BALL SUNDAY, I think my first blog should explain how that day went.......... =oP
We all go to church because super bowl or not Church is the best part about Sunday!!
Get home, my mom is gone (of course lol) ..which means....
I am now the master of all!!! muhuahah!!!
So I decided "what the heck lets put a huge smile on the boss's face" (aka mom)
So I went insane cleaning -cooking- scrambling- and having so much fun! I was so tired I didn't even watch the game...national crime....I took a nap instead...oh yes It was so nice!
Well, people came over, we all pigged-out on the homemade "Mary style" chili and then.... me and my nieces and nephews had the blast we always have when they come over!
here are just a few pictures of the coolest kids in the world..belonging to none other that the coolest sister ever...Jessy!

SO FIRST of and "rascal" (pal's forever) goofed off in my hat and "grandpas" glasses!

He's like "Hey look aunt Mary I'm Chicken little"

"Aunt Mary you put them you don't look anything like chicken little!"

Here's a really cute picture of "Twinkle toes" and "Snuggles" all bundled up on Aunt Joann's bed! I though you might like this one Jessy. =)

SO SUNDAY WAS QUICKLY DONE AND OVER WITH! and now, here i sit swamped with hwk once again, and very little time to do it! haha. "fun times" well. I'm a week of schoooool! ;)

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa