Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love being an Aunt.

I woke up yesterday morning with the sweetest little surprise ever.
Not knowing that we had planned on babysitting my sister's kids that day, they had all come over early that morning while I was still asleep (after having a crazy day Friday with having my wisdom teeth pulled). My youngest niece, whom I guess was a little tired that morning, had climbed up into my bed and slept cuddled up with me for at least 2-3 hrs. I was so surprised to find her in my bed but also thought it was so cute. She started laughing as soon as I woke her up. Shes always so happy. I had an awesome day with all of them, nothing could ever replace the amazing experience of being an aunt...and I'm just getting started! lol. All thanks to my awesome sister(s).


Jessica said...

Thanks again for watching them!! It was such a huge help!! They had so much fun!

Juliana said...
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We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa