Saturday, December 6, 2008

To Joan, Our dearest friend.

God has given me great gifts
Filled with love so true.
But how was He so gracious as
To bless my life with you?
You’re simple presence In my life,
Has truly affected me.
You’ve helped me grow into the girl,
That I am proud to be.
I’m so thankful to have met you,
And for all the times we’ve shared
Somehow you have made me feel
As though I’m more prepared.
More prepared to take a stand
Of how I’m going to live.
More prepared to offer the world
All I have to give.
God is amazing in how he knows
Who to send my way.
And I know that when He sent you,
He smiled on me that day.
So thank you, thank you, so so much!
For being such a friend!
If you ever are in need,
I’ve got a hand to lend.

-Mary A. Murphy

Religious Poem

Reserved for Heaven

All my life I’ve loved the piano,
Yet never heard a note.
All my life I've loved to sing,
But couldn’t use my throat.
Born with ears that never worked,
And a mouth which never spoke,
I never had the chance to laugh,
I never heard the joke.
At first life was confusing,
I never had a clue
That there was any difference,
Between me and you.
What were they all doing?
I would always wonder.
I could see the lighting,
But what was that thing called thunder?
How I longed to know
What her voice was like,
As I watched the lady
Sing into the mic.
When I came to realize,
Why I was this way,
There wasn’t a single moment,
I wouldn’t beg and pray.
I prayed I could hear it,
Every noise on earth.
I longed to hear the baby’s cry
The moment after birth.
I longed to hear my mother’s voice,
And the song my dad would play.
I longed to tell them everything
I never got to say.
Music looked so pretty,
As I’d strum the silent harp,
But I never knew if I was flat,
Or if I was too sharp.
I’d move my lips quite often,
But I never made a sound.
When I was lost I could not cry,
But somehow I was found.
What does a hiccup sound like?
A cough, a scream, a sneeze?
I wish I knew the sounds of nature
That float within the breeze.
One day I read of Jesus
And how he cured blind,
And the thought that he could cure me too,
Never left my mind.
But then I came to realize
The reason of it all,
Not once have my ears or mouth,
Caused my soul to fall.
My mouth is pure and clean
My ears are crystal clear,
This is why the Lord did not allow
Me to speak and hear.
My ears are reserved for Heaven,
For songs of the angels above,
And most of all to speak with God,
And thank him for His love.

-Mary A. Murphy

Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayer Poem

When I Fold My Hands in Prayer

When I fold my hands in prayer
I feel safe inside.
When I kneel before the cross,
I no longer hide.
I open myself before the Lord,
I tell him what I feel.
I talk to Him with confidence,
That He will hear and heal.
I tell him how I’ll try to change
Like I know I should.
And that I know without Him,
I can do no good.
When I fold my hands real tight,
And pray to God above.
For the first time in my life,
I discover love.
‘Holy Father source of life,
You have given me,
Everything I have and need,
To someday be with Thee.
Christ the Son, who came for us,
And granted us salvation.
Your example has shown me,
To love all of creation.
Holy Spirit, fill my soul,
With Your loving grace.
So that I may one day see,
The beauty of Thy face.
Trinity please guide my steps,
Direct me towards the truth.
Help me put this gift of life,
To the greatest use.’
-Mary A. Murphy

A Poem for My Sister

Christ is Always There

Who knows what God above has planned?
Holding the world in the palm of his hand.
Creator of all we touch, hear, and see.
Creator of all life, love, and beauty.
Knowing all things and to where they will lead.
Knowing our wants but granting our needs.
Though at times it’s hard for us to understand
Why God allows such things under His command.
We must keep in mind that despite how we feel,
Our God is all knowing with a love that can heal.
No matter our state in mind, soul, or heart.
The good Lord above is there from the start.
He knows all our thoughts and sees every tear.
He knows all our joys and our every fear.
God is all loving, all knowing, and all good.
He understands all that we never could.
Everyday we wish that we could have control,
But God alone can lead us to our ever-lasting goal.
Everyday we wish that we could change the past,
But God knows what He’s doing, that pain inside wont last.
Too often we forget Him, when dealing with a loss.
So often we forget our Lord who died upon the cross.
So much pain we go through, sometimes it’s hard to bare,
But we must not forget the crown of thorns he had to wear.
We fall into depressions and can’t see past the hurt,
But Christ is falling with us, three times he hit the dirt.
Sometimes life can deal such tragedy seeming so unfair.
But it always helps to know that Christ will never fail to care.
-Mary Murphy
My eldest sister experienced a great loss recently and I dedicate this poem to her.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa