Monday, February 18, 2008

TODAY WAS THE GREATEST DAY IN HISTORY!!!!!! (I bet your all thinking...presidents day?)
WELL YOUR ALL WRONG!!!! IT WAS MY DADS BIRTHDAY!!!!!! =D I mean.. you should have guessed that right off right?!! AS an amazing grandfather, father, electrician, and simply great dad is Really my hero! I love him so much its craziness! He really could make a zombie smile! And I can never stop laughing at his jokes! Hes just such a great guy! And I'm so lucky to be so close to my Dad =) a little daddy's girl =) and proud of it! oh yea!
Well.. I just wanted to fill you all mark this day on your calenders and say a prayer for my awesome dad on this awesome day!


Jessica said...

Aaahhhh!! So sweet Mary! And, I totally agree!! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Meg said...

I love my Uncle Pat too! He is the funniest!

Anonymous said...

Well, I love your Dad, too! And I am his "Irish twin"--I am older sister and we are the same age for 9 days every year, and I love to remind him of that. He is a great dad, brother, uncle, friend, and we're all lucky to have him in our lives. Thanks for your sweet tribute, Mary!! Well said--With love from Aunt Shannon

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa