Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Story of God's Grace.

God’s Grace

“This will all be over soon…it will pass by like nothing ever happened…. everything will go…. fine.” Thought Amanda to herself as she stood outside the abortion clinic entrance with her uncontrollably shaking hands both tightly gripping the door handle. Something inside her told her to turn around, but she told herself she must go in. Frustrated and confused with herself she began to declaim, “Open! Stupid door! Hands don’t you work? Come on just go in, it’s no big deal!” She started to try and reassure herself more quietly and controlled saying “I know, I’ll just do it really fast, before I know it I’ll be walking back out…care free. Now Open!”
Just then a little girl walked up from behind, seeming as if she appeared from nowhere. She was a very verbose little girl and it was clear as she began to talk to Amanda saying “Excuse me, to open the door first you must twist the handle and the push like this!” and she opened the door. Amanda quickly replied, “I know, I’m just nervous I guess, but thank you anyway.” Suddenly the little girl shuts the door again and blocked it with her entire body saying, “Nervous! Nervous about what? Tell me please! Could it be your getting a shot? You really don’t have to worry about that, I’d know because I’ve had lots of shots before, or maybe…” “No, no, no nothing like that, trust me. My goodness you are a loquacious little girl, aren’t you?” Said Amanda. The little girl replied, “Well I am Grace, I am 7 years old and I do not know what loquacious means but thank you it sounds very nice, but forget about compliments just tell me the reason you are nervous! Please?” Amanda thinks of a way to explain herself, she begins by saying ..

“Well, Grace, I am pregnant, and…”
“Your Pregnant! Oh my! Congratulations! Have you chosen a name? Is it a boy…or a girl like me? Do you know?” as Grace exclaimed this she then began to talk more concerned. She placed her small hands on Amanda’s stomached and quietly whispered, “Wait, why so nervous?” Amanda started to cry and said, “Well, I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, to me this pregnancy is more of a malediction than anything.” Grace started to cry “Malediction, how sad of a word that sounds, but don’t worry I’m sure you and your baby will be alright. Please tell me, what is wrong with your baby?” Amanda wiped her tears stepped away from the door and said to Grace, “Nothing, my baby is fine, I am the only one with a problem.” Grace smiled and said, “In that case go see the doctor, get a shot or two, and everything will be fine. Trust me it will!” Amanda turned around looked up at the clinic, and furthermore to the heavens thanking God. When she turned around Grace had vanished just the way she had come, without a trace.
Seven months later Amanda had a baby girl and named her Grace. Grace grew to be the most beautiful, optimistic, and affable girl you could ever meet. Constantly reminding Amanda of the gift of life. Amanda is now ineffably happy. She programs many colloquiums on the topic of Life versus Choice. Being a linguist she even travels to different countries, meeting in many different forums hoping to someday interdict the act of abortion. She has published a book where she indited her story of the little girl who saved her baby’s life, and restored Amanda’s life as well. Just as Grace touched Amanda’s heart Amanda prays to touch the heart of America, by God’s Grace.

(We all had to use ten vocab words to compose a really short me being obsessed with being pro-life and catholic...I couldnt resist a senerio I kept imagining in my head. God's grace allows so much in life, and if we pray for He will give it to us, somtimes He also cant resist, so the little girl in this story is supposed to be an signify God's "Grace". ..just in case no one cought on (^-^) Well I wrote it Extremly fast and in a hurry. tell me what you think!)


Juliana said...

Great short story Mary. You are a great writer.

Jessica said...

Beautiful Mary!

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa