Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well its that time of year again! aka REPORT CARDS! and yea you guessed it...I am now going to tell you my grades....NOT!
So.. i didn't do the best I could, but thanks too my awesome teachers I didn't do the worst I could either =oP.
Well my parents were "pleased" and us... lets just say we were "relieved"
Anyway, today I went straight from school---to home----to my favorite place in the entire UNIVERSE!! ----the orthodontists of course... (psh..loads of fun!)

Well I found out I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled!!! OH JOY!!

After that fun little trip, I got an excellent for brushing and now I get to go and load up on ice cream at DQ....gosh the dentist cracks me up!

"Hey kids you've been doing an excellent job brushing....time for more candy! heres a certificate for ice cream!..now go load up!"

Well I always love the people at the orthodontist! They are all so nice, and funny. We laugh alot and I really sometimes...rarely..occasionally...have fun!

"BEAUTY IS PAIN! but why does it got to hurt so dang much!"

Joann (bracketless) and Me (in pain!)

moving forwards>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I am right now working on math homework, oh my gosh I love my math teacher ! she gives us so much homework, which I love! thank you Trina! lol. (and u bet im being serious!) It's just ..I have to actually go and complete it right now!
So I wish you all a pleasant "ortho free" day and...life! haha...yea we wish right.
Got to love a good smile though, I mean, as much as I smile, without this braces Id go insane!! And so would the people I smile at!!

Well GOD BLESS! Buenos Noches, y Buenos dias!


Jessica said...

Mary, you are hilarious! I am totally enjoying your blog! :)

That stinks that you need your wisdom teeth pulled... :( But it will be nice to get it over with.

The ortho still gives out the little DQ certificates? I remember those, from "back in my generation" as Julianna would say!

And you two look so cute!

Have fun with that homework!

Anonymous said...

gracias por su blogo. es muy divertido. me gusta!
there is a mixup with my email account so i cant remotely log in to google so if you get lots of annonymous comments signed 'r', that's me.
you know, jessica's friend. mom to l & r, oh and a little boy and another baby girl.
your blog isn't best btw. third best. i am first, jessie says she is second (which everyone knows is the first loser), then there is yours. :)

buenos suerte con sus deberes

Mary said...

lol regina regina! I love you! haha. u act as if I dont know who u are just by saying your name..lol.
and venada! tu es muy ameble! gracias por el commento. I will keep an eye out for the anonymous =D thanks!
<3 mary

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa