Saturday, May 17, 2008

Importance of Family


It’s colder tonight
As the winter draws near.
Still in our cardboard home,
Daddy said to stay here.

They took away our house,
Now we live on the street.
No one seems to care,
Not a single person we meet.

Daddy lost his job,
And one week later left.
Now he is in jail,
For violence and theft.

All my toys are gone.
The baby won’t stop crying.
Mommy can’t find work,
But she will never stop trying.

I’m sick of all the pavement.
I want my soft warm bed.
No covers but newspaper.
The side walk for my head.

Mommy brought home some candy.
One chocolate bar to share.
She also brought us mittens.
We each got our own pair.

My watch is broken,
It must be after midnight.
The ally way is filled,
With the ambulance light.

They’ve come to take the baby,
She cannot even breathe.
Mommy climbs in with them,
And without me they all leave.

Now I’m all alone.
All I can do is pray.
But when talking to God,
I don’t know what to say.

“God I know you watching,
I feel You in my heart.
You’ve watched us in our strengths,
And have seen us fall apart.

Thank You for all the mornings,
I though I’d never see.
Thank You for this strength,
You’ve put inside of me.

You always bring mom home,
In health and a good mood.
And despite the hard conditions,
You bless us with some food.

The world is a hard place.
But family helps allot.
They make me forget what I don’t have.
And appreciate what I’ve got.

Please bring them both back,
So I can see them again.
This is all I ask.
Thank you God, Amen.”

I walked to the hospital.
When the next day had arrived.
Mommy was in the chapel.
The baby hadn’t survived.

She looked into to my eyes,
And told me to be strong.
She held me in her arms,
And sang me a song.

The song was about Jesus,
And his amazing grace.
And as she sang it to me,
Tears streamed down her cold face.

She was shaking out of control
Her breathing became real deep.
She fell upon the ground;
I prayed she was only asleep.

I ran to get some help.
The doctor finally came.
She was still on the ground,
But didn’t look the same.

Her eyes were open
She had a smile on.
But she wasn’t awake.
She was gone.

Her eyes were looking at the cross.
Her hands gripped her medal tight.
I knew she was with God,
And that I would be alright.

The doctor had me taken care of,
The nurses took me away.
They put me in an orphanage,
And there I was supposed to stay.

I finally had a bed again,
and food at every meal.
They were all so good to me,
I didn’t think it was real.

Months later a family came to visit.
They talked with me for a while.
They said they wanted to take me home.
I said yes with a smile.

They welcomed me as a new member,
I felt like I belonged there.
I told them about my story.
They always seemed to care.

I missed my mother and sister,
But God had a plan for me.
Now he holds them closer,
For all eternity.

The world is a hard place.
But family helps allot.
They make me forget what I don’t have.
And appreciate what I’ve got.


Anonymous said...

Very touching Mary!!! (comming from someone adopted)

Jessica said...

I agree, very touching!

Juliana said...

Great poem cuz. You need to find a way to publish these. :)

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa