Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Braces! AGAIN?

I always rember my past horifications, and tortures of braces..but not once did i ever imagine RE-living it! (haha at leats this time its not as fact, im stronger, braver, and starighter this time are now no surprises!..well except for the very surprise of those little pest brackets REAPEARING!)
well, i was trying to hide it, and was doing very well in fact, it took everybody two days to realize that I have braces on my bottom teeth all over again...well only six brackets, but it still hurts like crazy!! Its just because their work is "guarenteed" so now, because they didnt give me a retainer, and my wisdom teeth..which are coming out soon..caused a "teensy, weensy, croockedness" i now have to endure the pain of more braces for possibly 2 months...again " painfull!"
I was so shocked when they actually sat me down and got out stuff for more braces, I honestly couldnt beleive it until after they were on, i was like
"so you guys werent jokeing! that case I want to pick asome colors again!! (=D! I loved that part! haha. ) "so lets see...since im a little mad about this im going to make it as complicated as I possibly can! Two Irish flags please!" (since there are six in all the three colors x 2 = perfect) and so, I now am ready for St. Patericks day!! (oh goody!) and if anybody pintches me....ooooooo your dead meat!


Meg said...

Well, I would never mess with my cousin Mary. I love her too much for that! :-)

Jessica said...

Ohhh! That stinks... I can't wait to see your Irish flags though! ;)

Juliana said...

Ouch! You have to get braces again. Oh well at least they are on the bottom. I can't wait till I get mine off on st patricks day i think.

Letitia said...

Great work.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa