Monday, February 4, 2008

First Post!

Hello I am Mary and this is my first blog in the history of (my) BLOGS! Yep, I'm purdy excited about it! All thanks too my gorgeous, outrageously awesome, and amazing sister Jessie..I mean Jessy. lol. (just playing Jess.) Well, Since It just so happens that my account began yesterday, which just so happened to be SUPER BALL SUNDAY, I think my first blog should explain how that day went.......... =oP
We all go to church because super bowl or not Church is the best part about Sunday!!
Get home, my mom is gone (of course lol) ..which means....
I am now the master of all!!! muhuahah!!!
So I decided "what the heck lets put a huge smile on the boss's face" (aka mom)
So I went insane cleaning -cooking- scrambling- and having so much fun! I was so tired I didn't even watch the game...national crime....I took a nap instead...oh yes It was so nice!
Well, people came over, we all pigged-out on the homemade "Mary style" chili and then.... me and my nieces and nephews had the blast we always have when they come over!
here are just a few pictures of the coolest kids in the world..belonging to none other that the coolest sister ever...Jessy!

SO FIRST of and "rascal" (pal's forever) goofed off in my hat and "grandpas" glasses!

He's like "Hey look aunt Mary I'm Chicken little"

"Aunt Mary you put them you don't look anything like chicken little!"

Here's a really cute picture of "Twinkle toes" and "Snuggles" all bundled up on Aunt Joann's bed! I though you might like this one Jessy. =)

SO SUNDAY WAS QUICKLY DONE AND OVER WITH! and now, here i sit swamped with hwk once again, and very little time to do it! haha. "fun times" well. I'm a week of schoooool! ;)


Jessica said...

Hi Mary!!! LOVE your post!! Your so funny! Cute pictures too!

Jessica said...

I'm still laughing at: "people came over" ... as in your big sister and her family :)

Julie said...

You should post that video of you and john singing and clare on the bed. LOL

Meg said...

Awesome blog cous! I'm excited you started one! Sure love you!

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa