Saturday, December 6, 2008

To Joan, Our dearest friend.

God has given me great gifts
Filled with love so true.
But how was He so gracious as
To bless my life with you?
You’re simple presence In my life,
Has truly affected me.
You’ve helped me grow into the girl,
That I am proud to be.
I’m so thankful to have met you,
And for all the times we’ve shared
Somehow you have made me feel
As though I’m more prepared.
More prepared to take a stand
Of how I’m going to live.
More prepared to offer the world
All I have to give.
God is amazing in how he knows
Who to send my way.
And I know that when He sent you,
He smiled on me that day.
So thank you, thank you, so so much!
For being such a friend!
If you ever are in need,
I’ve got a hand to lend.

-Mary A. Murphy


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Miss Mae said...


I love your blog (and the title) Did you know that is a song by Taylor Swift? hahahaha. Ok, but really though, I think your blog is amazing, original and inspirational to anyone who reads it. I hope God blesses you in it. :]

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa