Saturday, December 6, 2008

Religious Poem

Reserved for Heaven

All my life I’ve loved the piano,
Yet never heard a note.
All my life I've loved to sing,
But couldn’t use my throat.
Born with ears that never worked,
And a mouth which never spoke,
I never had the chance to laugh,
I never heard the joke.
At first life was confusing,
I never had a clue
That there was any difference,
Between me and you.
What were they all doing?
I would always wonder.
I could see the lighting,
But what was that thing called thunder?
How I longed to know
What her voice was like,
As I watched the lady
Sing into the mic.
When I came to realize,
Why I was this way,
There wasn’t a single moment,
I wouldn’t beg and pray.
I prayed I could hear it,
Every noise on earth.
I longed to hear the baby’s cry
The moment after birth.
I longed to hear my mother’s voice,
And the song my dad would play.
I longed to tell them everything
I never got to say.
Music looked so pretty,
As I’d strum the silent harp,
But I never knew if I was flat,
Or if I was too sharp.
I’d move my lips quite often,
But I never made a sound.
When I was lost I could not cry,
But somehow I was found.
What does a hiccup sound like?
A cough, a scream, a sneeze?
I wish I knew the sounds of nature
That float within the breeze.
One day I read of Jesus
And how he cured blind,
And the thought that he could cure me too,
Never left my mind.
But then I came to realize
The reason of it all,
Not once have my ears or mouth,
Caused my soul to fall.
My mouth is pure and clean
My ears are crystal clear,
This is why the Lord did not allow
Me to speak and hear.
My ears are reserved for Heaven,
For songs of the angels above,
And most of all to speak with God,
And thank him for His love.

-Mary A. Murphy

1 comment:

MyOwnDream said...

greeting mary

i'd like your poem, keep it up.
spread the 'word' of god.
i'll give u all of my support...
and i always adore JESUS mom.

--peace to you--

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa