Wednesday, September 3, 2008


to my twin sister joann...


Once upon a time
16 years ago,
We at last discovered
The world in all its glow.
You and I together,
Matching clothes and all,
Wrapped up tight in daddy’s hands,
So light, so young, so small.
Me the ball of laughter,
And you the serious one.
We Always had to share,
But still had loads of fun.
From teething times, and potty-training,
We sure had a blast.
And when all that was over,
Mom’s thankful words of “at last”.
You were pink and pretty,
But I loved Green and Blue.
We were so much different,
But oh, how I loved you.
I loved to get real filthy,
And that’d made mommy mad,
But you liked playing dolls more,
And that wasn’t quite as bad.
Sure we loved to make messes,
And hated clean up time,
But really it was our job,
Is being cute a crime?
They told us to stop growing,
They said time went too fast,
But of course we ignored them,
And 14 years had passed.
Now we are much older,
And things are different now,
Time did pass too quickly,
And we now wonder how.
All of our A B C’s
Have changed to X’s and Y’s,
And we’re supposed to solve them,
With no more second tries.
As younger girls we always wanted
To know to much and more,
But knowing more is not much fun,
Like we had picture before.
Growing up was once the dream,
But now I miss those days,
When wrong was wrong, right was right,
And life wasn’t such a maze.
It never mattered how my hair looked,
Or if my outfit matched.
But now that’s what its all about,
And I feel so detached.
The world can easily twist the heart,
And cause some pointless pain.
But despite any force on earth,
Twins we will remain.
Though we’ve always had to share a room,
And never had much space,
We have a close relationship
That none could ever replace.
Sure we fight over closet room,
And who made the mess on the floor,
But still I would not ask for less….
And couldn’t ask for more.


Anonymous said...


Meg said...

That is super sweet!

How lucky you both are to have each other!☺

Jessica said...

Mom wasn't the only one saying "at last" ;) Just kidding!! You two are growing up fast!

This was such a sweet poem Mary!

Joan said...

This is not just fine, sweet, neat,warm,kind etc it shows great gifts from Our Lord and the talent it takes to accomplish about anything Mary...God Bless you always...

Anonymous said...

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We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa