Monday, May 26, 2008

This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day

Aisle after aisle of crosses in the ground
Those who fought with liberty on their lips
Now rest without a sound.
Uncles and brothers,
Father’s and Mothers,
All American soldiers who no longer stand.
The American soldiers who died for this land.
Your freedom wasn’t free,
Just look and you’ll see.
Family’s who cry for who they have lost,
Yes…Freedom in fact has a horrible cost.
Each solider knows what is at stake:
That they are risking their life in the choice they make.
That their children are at home constantly waiting
As their next move their leaders are always debating.
That tomorrow morning might never greet them.
And that dreaded death might suddenly meet them.
Helmets clapped down, knees in the ground,
Weapons ready, nice and steady,
An American solider prepared to fight.
Praying that he will live through the night.
We either fight or we die,
There’s no other reason why.
War is tragic but when he hears the bombs hit,
And the cry’s of many, he is reminded why he is a soldier.
Because of the soldiers who stood up and fought,
You have the great freedom that you’ve got.
Because of the thousands that now lay in the dirt.
You and your loved ones can live without hurt.
Someone has to be there, someone has to fight.
Let’s honor the people who did what was right.
This memorial day,
Let’s remember and pray
For the soldiers who gave their lives for this country,
And their proud families who must miss them dearly.

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