Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Unheard Call.

"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you live as you wish"-Mother Theresa

Just a little baby
So small and petite
Waits with his mom
In the hospital seat.

“Where am I, I wonder
What do I look like?
Will my name be John..
Or will she call me Mike?

I can’t wait to see
what it’s like outside
It’s getting a little crowded,
In this place I ride.

I must be getting heavy,
I bet she cannot wait,
Maybe she’ll have me early
…hopefully I wont be late.

I’m getting so impatient…
I want to see the land,
Oh look here comes the doctor!”
The doctor takes her hand.

“What is he telling her?
I can’t quite make it out,
but mommy’s voice sounds scared,
so full of fear and doubt.

I hope she is okay,
I’ll comfort her before long,
I cant wait to meet her!
Now what could be going wrong?

Here comes all the nurses,
They are lying her in a bed,
I know this isn’t home,
what could the doctor have said?

Are those tears on her face?
I don’t like it here,
My mommy isn’t happy,
And I’m beginning to fear.

What… me, Fetus?
I don’t like that name,
I want my mom to name me,
but she seems too ashamed.

Mom I’ll be a good son,
I will make you smile,
just wait till you see me,
I’ll be there in a little while.

I’m so excited to see you,
I bet you’re beautiful and bright,
Because I’ve seen your face,
In my dreams each night.

Mommy, did that nurse call me tissue?
Don’t listen to them please.
Because you must know I’m here,
I’m not just some disease.

I have fingers like you do,
And a face I know you’ve seen,
The doctor showed me to you,
On that one black screen

What are all those tools for?
They better not hurt you,
For if they harm you one bit,
I’ll harm them too.

Ouch that hurt…
What’s happening to me?
be very gentle,
I’m only a baby.

Mommy do something,
they are trying take my life,
why are you letting them cut me
with that knife.

What’s going on,
Your shaking,
At least its not your life,
These nurses are taking.

Mommy, I’m up higher now,
I see you down below,
I’m safe here but disappointed,
Because I loved you so.

How’s Life without me?
Doesn’t look so great.
I wish I could be there to help,
But now it’s too late.

I’m not alone here, don’t worry
There are other baby’s too,
they all are here for the same reason,
we all had moms like you.

Each day I see new faces,
all scratched up and torn,
these are all the faces,
Of the precious unborn.

God says he’s sorry,
that we never got to live,
and never had the chance,
to see what He tried to give.

One little girl I met,
Was going to cure cancer.
But now her mom has got it,
And the world’s without an answer

So many brilliant people,
Fill this place I now stay.
They all had a place in the world,
But that place was taken away.

God’s curious about,
What’s going through your head.
He sent you a precious gift,
But you chose pain instead.

Mother I am sorry,
that you where so mistaken,
the nurses all told lies,
and so my life was taken.

Some people down there know,
That abortion is wrong,
they are trying to stop it,
but they are taking too long.

They need more help you see,
Because they are so small,
Just like my friends and me,
You couldn’t hear our call.

Friday, April 25, 2008

First Place?!?! Crazy!

Well I had totally forgotten about the Abortion Poem I had entered into the competition. Last night as i was lying in bed sick, after being in bad all day, my mom brought me a mail package and I had no clue who it was from. Turns out it was from the Right to Life Center, and Inside I found....a 1st place certificate and ribbon, a coupon for DQ, comments from 4 different judges along with the scores they all gave me, and a precious hands pin, It made me really excited. I didn't think I would even come in third..or close to that! I'm glad that my poem touched a few people...someday I wish all of America could be touched and band abortion forever. I really want to make a difference, like we all should. If we can't change the world...we can try to change one heart at a time. But anyways... a special thanks to my math teacher who informed me a day before about the competition...and that night before at like 11pm I added about 200-250 words to the poem..and then turned it into her the next day..and she took care of the rest. Thank you!.

My poem....(in case you'd like to read it) in my post section for Febuary under: A Mother Mistaken...Another Life Taken. (tell me what you think!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

SNOW>! AGAIN!?! (april shower of photos) day 20

I WOKE UP AND SNOW WAS EVERYWHERE!!!! It was so shocking! Once again the weather went wild! Every time summer starts to reveal its arrival, we are fooled again! Oh well it is beautiful! and I love it! IT'S SNOWING SUNSHINE! ;) God is so creative =oP. Well I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! ---or not. lol

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Story of God's Grace.

God’s Grace

“This will all be over soon…it will pass by like nothing ever happened…. everything will go…. fine.” Thought Amanda to herself as she stood outside the abortion clinic entrance with her uncontrollably shaking hands both tightly gripping the door handle. Something inside her told her to turn around, but she told herself she must go in. Frustrated and confused with herself she began to declaim, “Open! Stupid door! Hands don’t you work? Come on just go in, it’s no big deal!” She started to try and reassure herself more quietly and controlled saying “I know, I’ll just do it really fast, before I know it I’ll be walking back out…care free. Now Open!”
Just then a little girl walked up from behind, seeming as if she appeared from nowhere. She was a very verbose little girl and it was clear as she began to talk to Amanda saying “Excuse me, to open the door first you must twist the handle and the push like this!” and she opened the door. Amanda quickly replied, “I know, I’m just nervous I guess, but thank you anyway.” Suddenly the little girl shuts the door again and blocked it with her entire body saying, “Nervous! Nervous about what? Tell me please! Could it be your getting a shot? You really don’t have to worry about that, I’d know because I’ve had lots of shots before, or maybe…” “No, no, no nothing like that, trust me. My goodness you are a loquacious little girl, aren’t you?” Said Amanda. The little girl replied, “Well I am Grace, I am 7 years old and I do not know what loquacious means but thank you it sounds very nice, but forget about compliments just tell me the reason you are nervous! Please?” Amanda thinks of a way to explain herself, she begins by saying ..

“Well, Grace, I am pregnant, and…”
“Your Pregnant! Oh my! Congratulations! Have you chosen a name? Is it a boy…or a girl like me? Do you know?” as Grace exclaimed this she then began to talk more concerned. She placed her small hands on Amanda’s stomached and quietly whispered, “Wait, why so nervous?” Amanda started to cry and said, “Well, I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, to me this pregnancy is more of a malediction than anything.” Grace started to cry “Malediction, how sad of a word that sounds, but don’t worry I’m sure you and your baby will be alright. Please tell me, what is wrong with your baby?” Amanda wiped her tears stepped away from the door and said to Grace, “Nothing, my baby is fine, I am the only one with a problem.” Grace smiled and said, “In that case go see the doctor, get a shot or two, and everything will be fine. Trust me it will!” Amanda turned around looked up at the clinic, and furthermore to the heavens thanking God. When she turned around Grace had vanished just the way she had come, without a trace.
Seven months later Amanda had a baby girl and named her Grace. Grace grew to be the most beautiful, optimistic, and affable girl you could ever meet. Constantly reminding Amanda of the gift of life. Amanda is now ineffably happy. She programs many colloquiums on the topic of Life versus Choice. Being a linguist she even travels to different countries, meeting in many different forums hoping to someday interdict the act of abortion. She has published a book where she indited her story of the little girl who saved her baby’s life, and restored Amanda’s life as well. Just as Grace touched Amanda’s heart Amanda prays to touch the heart of America, by God’s Grace.

(We all had to use ten vocab words to compose a really short me being obsessed with being pro-life and catholic...I couldnt resist a senerio I kept imagining in my head. God's grace allows so much in life, and if we pray for He will give it to us, somtimes He also cant resist, so the little girl in this story is supposed to be an signify God's "Grace". ..just in case no one cought on (^-^) Well I wrote it Extremly fast and in a hurry. tell me what you think!)

A loving son---to a loving father

Today as I was beginning to help clean our messy upstairs I found, hidden inside my moms 1971 freshmen high school yearbook a letter from my dad to my mom…. and also a poem my dad had written so long ago to my grandma. I thought it was the sweetest thing, thinking of my grandma as I read it, wishing I could have just met her, a tear came to my eyes. Such a simple little poem….but it has so much meaning.

"God sent you dad
You became his wife
And from your love
You gave me life.

When I was born,
You held me close,
Took a real good look,
And said “where’s his nose?”

When I heard you say that,

It hurt my pride,
But you were just kidding,
So I let it slide.

I was just getting to know ya,
And ya went and had Tom,

Boy I was jealous,
But I still love ya, mom.

Whenever my chips were down,
Or maybe I got the flu,
I thought it was over,
But you always pulled me through.

Yes, all through my childhood,

And into my teenage trend,
You were not only my mother,
But my best friend.

I started liking girls,
Always good girls too,
But the one I chose would have to be,
Someone just like you.

You’re the perfect picture,
Of what a girl should be,
Pretty and bright,
And always happy.

When I joined the Guard,
No matter where I’ve gone to,
Though much fun I’ve had,
I’ve always missed you.

But most of all,
You’ve made me strong,
With the faith in God,
and I love you mom.
Love Pat.”

I never knew how sweet my dad could be! (Haha just kidding, he’s always been the sweetest. Things I love most about my dad is the way he can always (ALWAYS) make me laugh, he can always give me a straight answer, he wakes me up in the morning with his guitar and amazing voice, he loves my mom the way a man should always love his wife, and he has always loved me, and I know this through, not only the paycheck he brings home everyday but all the little things he does. From what I’ve heard of my Grandma, he is a lot like her. Gosh were would I be without my dad….ouch.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today is such an awesome day!!!!! It is my parents anniversary!!! (even though it ends in an hour!)

We have all (all twelve of us kids!) been blessed so IMMENSELY with such great parents! (aka THE BEST!)
I've learned from them how life should be lived, they have shown me how to live as a strong and true Catholic (everyday I learn more!) This is a faith they stood for the day they got married and one I will if necessary I would die for if it comes to that. Without my parents being who they are, I wouldn't even want to think of who I might be today. Because So much of them is in me, and there it will ALWAYS stay.
They are out to a movie right now...celebrating of course! 31 years of life (beautiful life) they are celebrating!!! It's so amazing! And no doubt I'll love them next year and for all long as they both love each other this way for that long ;). Which of obvious!! I'd like to ask you all to pray for them today! As I will pray also...(mostly in thanksgiving!) ! GOD BLESS!!!

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa