Saturday, April 19, 2008

A loving son---to a loving father

Today as I was beginning to help clean our messy upstairs I found, hidden inside my moms 1971 freshmen high school yearbook a letter from my dad to my mom…. and also a poem my dad had written so long ago to my grandma. I thought it was the sweetest thing, thinking of my grandma as I read it, wishing I could have just met her, a tear came to my eyes. Such a simple little poem….but it has so much meaning.

"God sent you dad
You became his wife
And from your love
You gave me life.

When I was born,
You held me close,
Took a real good look,
And said “where’s his nose?”

When I heard you say that,

It hurt my pride,
But you were just kidding,
So I let it slide.

I was just getting to know ya,
And ya went and had Tom,

Boy I was jealous,
But I still love ya, mom.

Whenever my chips were down,
Or maybe I got the flu,
I thought it was over,
But you always pulled me through.

Yes, all through my childhood,

And into my teenage trend,
You were not only my mother,
But my best friend.

I started liking girls,
Always good girls too,
But the one I chose would have to be,
Someone just like you.

You’re the perfect picture,
Of what a girl should be,
Pretty and bright,
And always happy.

When I joined the Guard,
No matter where I’ve gone to,
Though much fun I’ve had,
I’ve always missed you.

But most of all,
You’ve made me strong,
With the faith in God,
and I love you mom.
Love Pat.”

I never knew how sweet my dad could be! (Haha just kidding, he’s always been the sweetest. Things I love most about my dad is the way he can always (ALWAYS) make me laugh, he can always give me a straight answer, he wakes me up in the morning with his guitar and amazing voice, he loves my mom the way a man should always love his wife, and he has always loved me, and I know this through, not only the paycheck he brings home everyday but all the little things he does. From what I’ve heard of my Grandma, he is a lot like her. Gosh were would I be without my dad….ouch.

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We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa