Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer work... aka... Baby sitting fun!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BABY SITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have started my summer job.... AND I'M LOVING IT!!! All it baby sitting 3 awesome kids all day!
What I do is wake up at 6:00-6:30am and get myself woken up for the day. I prepare everything with my little babysitting check list and list of new ideas (sometimes) and at (exactly) 7:30am start walking towards their house..15 mins later (due to my very slow..easily distracted walking) I get there. I officially start at 8:00..but it never hurts to be early so the mom can leave for work perfectly on time!
The kids are usually awake when I get there..give or take a kid and we watch some TV or Wii.
I then Make breakfast.. today I made them something they surprisingly had never heard about..and yea they were actually surprised at my cooking skills when they sunk their little teeth into my home made crapes (topped with heated syrup..freshly picked strawberries...and powdered sugar!! yum!)
After that we brushed our teeth (really well!)-(just routine)..did some reading (an hour everyday along with math)... and then went and took a present to the neighbor birthday boy! (turning three).
We stayed there for a long while and then went home and had a picnic lunch! (delicious!)-grilled cheese and lots of fruit and carrots! After that..we had all 3 neighbor kids over for a scavenger hunt , water balloon toss, and swimming. That was so much fun!! Just lots of kids having a blast!
Next we went down to a pound and fished with nets (after the neighbors went home).... and we got dirty and wet! (yay another excuse to run through the sprinklers!) We caught lots of fish and I took lots of pictures.. but only on their camera. (mine is now handicap)
After we got all wet and clean..and then of course dry again...we did arts and crafts! (well attempted..we will finish them tomorrow.) Yesterday we made animals out of sea shells - a turtle (by the youngest girl)- a seal and rabbit (by me), and a funny looking head of something (by the eldest)-- that was lots of fun except for the massive glue gun burn on my finger! (I'll get pictures eventually)

They day ended (ends) with a little clean up with music (and dancing like crazy) and then mom gets home... and I walk home (unless I take the golf cart or something else..but I like to walk)
By the first ...hour... of my job me and the kids became best friends... we went
to my house (right down the road via golf cart) and I gave them a tour... we
also took some crazy and cute pictures on the computer to remember our first day!
We fill every room with color!


Meg said...

Shoot. I sure wish you loved closer! I'm always looking for a good babysitter!!!

Love you!♥

Meg said...

I actually made the scrapbook page in Photoshop Elements 6.O

You can scrapbook without that program with regular paper and scissors. But, I'm kind of learning to do both.

The class I am taking is offered online can read about it more on my post

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa