Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Make Each Moment Count!

Today I thought about my death
What would I say with my very last breath?
Who would be there to watch me pass on?
Who would pray for me when I had gone?
Would people smile at the thought of me?
Would I leave behind a good memory?
Who would be crying as they placed me in the dirt?
How many people would I leave behind hurt?
Who knows the moment of when it will be,
Who knows if today is the last day I’ll see.
Each second of life is one second closer
to that second before my life’s final closure.
Make each moment count as though it were your last,
Some moments will seem slow, but will be gone so fast.
Nothing is guaranteed in this life on earth,
Each morning has been gift, since the gift of your birth.
The night may seem so close, but who knows if you will greet it.
For tonight death may be waiting and now your turn to meet it.
Yes today I thought about my death,
Could today be the day of my very last breath?

-Mary A. Murphy

Precious Gavin

Way after dark
The phone is ringing
Who knows what news
It could be bringing.

A girl in tears
Is on the other line.
Looking for someone
To say she’ll be fine.

A life is within
That she didn’t expect.
A little baby,
Now hers to protect.

Hard to speak
With tears on her face,
While speaking to his parents,
She feels so out of place.
But words so sweet
Are the only replies.
They are there for support;
And she no longer cries.

Nine months later
The baby is here,
It was a long hard wait,
But she now holds him near.

The world became warmer,
When Gavin was born,
His sweet little face
Seemed to blur all the torn.

All the family
Is home and excited
With so much love,
Their hearts are ignited.

They can’t wait to meet
The cute baby boy,
That brought their older brother
So much joy.

He grew so fast,
And it didn’t take long,
He was such a healthy baby,
Like daddy, nice and strong.

Two months had past,
For the two and their boy,
Gavin their angel,
Their bundle of joy.

Such proud parents,
When they spoke of their son,
They loved to brag,
Of their new little one.

One night at home,
They put Gavin to bed,
With such deep love
They kissed his small head.

But something was wrong
Why wasn’t he crying?
In the stillness of night,
He was peacefully dying.

Such a deep sleep,
They couldn’t awake him,
Because late that night,
God decided to take him.

Now once again,
The parents are scared,
They had never felt
So horribly unprepared.

Their perfect little child
Was now taken from their lives.
A pain that cuts much deeper
Than the sharpest of all knives.

Gavin now looks down,
He loves his parents so,
If he could speak to them,
I’m sure he’d tell them so.

Though Gavin’s life was so short,
It was filled with so much love.
And how happy he must be,
Now safe with God above.

We will always remember Gavin,
Throughout our every day,
And though he feels so far,
Close to our hearts he’ll stay.

In loving memory of my precious nephew,
Gavin Joseph Murphy
May 30th – July 31st 2008

-Mary A. Murphy

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa