Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Into Adulthood.

One year goes by so fast along with everything it brings.
I am now an aunt of 10 with 3 more added to the group.
I have graduated high school-what a relief, and I am on to bigger things.

but most of all..

I am now an adult! 18 years old, I now approach the world quite differently.
I will be attending college and beginning an entire new chapter of my life.
I will be going into nursing school- entering Air-force ROTC- and making something of myself;).
A new home. A new environment. A new schedule. New faces. New everything. -but the same me.:)

Over this past year I went from just liking pictures, to becoming more serious and getting into
photography! Pictures amaze me- they capture so much with just one quick click. It's not just an image, it's a memory- catching memories-it's really my favorite hobby. As for writing, I love it still, though I always feel I never have enough time for it. I really hope to get back into it again. Somewhere between the work, school, and hectic everyday life routines there's got to be some time hiding. I'll find it soon enough.
Two twins, two adults....College here we come:). "Two is better than one."


For everyone whom I know has been dreadfully worried,


Why then has it been a whole year, YES YEAR, since I've posted anything?
Let's just say I've been a very bad blogger. However believe it or not I have experienced a conversion of some sort and I am abandoning my retched blog-neglecting ways and returning to the ways of a healthy happy blogger:D.

In order to make up for all I've not done...

1st. I will transform my blog-give it one one could call a "face-lift", and even...*dun dun dun duuuuuuun...* CHANGE THE TITLE!!!!

2nd. I will mold and shape my blog into the life portraying masterpiece it really is...eum...or will be;) Let's just say one year is a lot of minutes...525,600 to be exact; and well, LOTS HAS HAPPENED. :) Thus to truly portray my life as of NOW, drastic measures must be taken.

3rd. I will attempt to not let another 525,600 minutes pass again without so much as even a post explaining my departure.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa