Friday, February 8, 2008


Hurray! I past my permit test (first try), it was kinda confusing, but hey..It's all good.
I cant wait till I can actually get behind the wheel!! (its about time!)
Ugh, I hate the picture so much, they are way to quick about it! cI mean come one...let a girl take her time! O well....I'll just make sure my licence picture isn't as bad of one..that's the one that matters!
(Joann's a little upset, I passed and she did not quite make the cut...she'll get it the next time around though!)


Meg said...

Tell JoAnn I didn't pass my permit test the first dad, the cop, wasn't too happy about it either.

Jessica said...

Congratulations Mary!!! Thats great! Tell JoAnn, first shall be last... That's what she gets for being 3 minutes older than you ;)

JoAnn said...

Haha...well I like the first comment! The second one....not so much Jessica! haha. Jk ;)
I'm still bummed!

Amy Caroline said...

Good job!!
I was a much worse failure! So JoAnn, don't worry!

Juliana said...


Jay said...

for anyone in the same position, try taking a practice permit test over and over before the real thing...thats by far the easiest way to study.

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