Friday, February 22, 2008

Im officially stupider!

This morning I got my wisdom teeth yanked on out of there...purdy interesting experience. I loved the surgeon who did the procedure. ..... I'm curious why they didn't give my teeth to me.....I miss my wise little guys. Cant wait till I can start easting normally lol. I was going to go dancing tonight....but no way Jose!
Scott, Kevin, and I all got 4 teeth each pulled... haha we were all like zombies walking out of that building. with occasional blood streaming out. haha.
My favorite part...of getting them pulled....I think was actually sleeping for once.
I love how they walk you to another bed and you eventually wake up, only remembering the last words the surgeon said to you before you fell asleep.. what I remember was the assistant people and the surgeon surrounding me... all starring at me as he said "you are now going to fall slowly into a deep sleep.....) and I was gone. (cool right?)
Well I'm going to go take some more medication...starting to hurt a tad...
and maybe watch this movie we rented! (it was so neat...I woke up and they handed me a bouquet of flowers and a free rental blockbuster card =D I love them!)
The movie looks really cute... its "Becoming Jane".
Well God Bless! Have a great day. and pray I will as well lol.


Jessica said...

IT'S OUT!!!!???? How on EARTH did I miss that it had come out? I have been DYING to see Becoming Jane since I missed it at the theater!!!

OK... Sorry about that... I got a little excited there. I know what I will be watching on Sunday, since I gave movies up for lent! Otherwise, I would be on my way out there right now to watch it with you!

On to you... ;) I hope you feel better soon! You are lucky!! Back in my generation, when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I had to be awake for the whole, painful, procedure. And wasn't given nice gifts when I woke up... ON TOP OF THAT, I had to pay for it myself (in stead of mom and dad!) You younger ones, are just a TAD bit spoiled!!!

Now go enjoy that movie!!!

Meg said...

I got mine pulled to at your age. Ouch. I already had chipmink cheeks and they got HUGE after that.

I enjoyed that movie...although not like your typical Austen movie.

Poor Jessie had to pay for her own wisdom. Where is the justice in that? Ha ha

Mary said...

OMGSH i love both of your comments...JESSICA I'M SORRY!!! That really must have been awful!! =/, yes i am never thought Id say that while still being a Murphy. ANYWAYS I watched the movie! It was good =D. I was rly drowsy the whole time though..and Joanns cell phone going of constantly made me insane! haha. But It really was cute.
Joanns like "what a stupid movie! they didnt get married!"
and I was like " know its atrue story right?"
haha then she finally understood after I laid it all out for her..she can just blame her cell.
wELL I am a chipmunkcheeked fool and am going to go sleep! lol

Juliana said...

Ouch. But its better now then later right. I haven't even gotten mine in yet. Its nice that you don't have to be awake when they pool them out.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa