Thursday, February 7, 2008


I can tell her absloutly anything and everything....and cool thing is.. i honestly do tell her anyway...and thats how FLY our freindship really is!
SO it all began when our family switched from Shady Cove Church to Sacred Heart Perish. =D those where the good ol' days.
I was farly small...just a young know back when it didnt matter what you wore and boys had cuties....anywho, we always wore our little sunday dresses to church..which I miss =oP, and somtimes me and her would save up our money just for sundays when me and her would go load up on junk food..haha. we got in trouble half the time too! we probably walked all the way arounf the church about...1,000,000 times! And still do every once in a while lol. I bet when we are old little ladies, we will still do that! Just like now, we walk to lunch from school, and ohhh mannn it is WAY fun!

We laugh so much, thats our P.E class for the day!

So anyway...Me and Lynn always stay up forever talking, do hwk together..haha probably why i can pull off A's sometimes... and whats really cool, is that we both want to be "kid nurses" (isnt that cool!) I cant wait tilll the day comes where our kids can be best freinds also!!! haha AWSOME!! I'm going to force them to get along even if they cant stand eachother!! haha.

Well Lindsay, if you read this, I just want to thank you for everything!!! It's so important to have good freinds in life like you!!! and if your not should totally meet lindsay! and cheack out her blog! --i have it marked on my list of favorite blogs...=D---

well here are a few pictures of THEE lindsay-bindsay herself...well and me ..;)
(Chicas Bonitas)

(we are besties for life!)

(So She wants to kill me somtimes..only when i get better grades..haha thank goodness that doesnt happen often!.....)
(SLEEPOVERS/////i nights (^-^) hahahaha. )

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Linzi said...

Hey!! I lovers your whole Blog!! It's Cute, and dang...your hand must hurt after you wite all that!! I wish my blog was as coll as yours!!!! Luv ya!!!

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa