Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am Pro-Life.

"Problem" Solved??

God sees a gift.
You see a disease.
God grants new life.
"Nurse kill it please”
If she could speak,
What would she say?
If she could run,
She’d run away.
Kept inside,
Nowhere to hide.
Ripped apart,
A tiny heart.
A little brain,
That feels the pain.
A clenched fist.
Too small to resist.
Tossed in the trash,
She hands over the cash….
“Problem” solved??????

Murder = Crime.
Homicide: a fancy name for “murder of another”
Suicide: a fancy name for “murder of one’s self”
Genocide: fancy name for “murder of group of people”
Abortion: fancy name for “murder of one’s child”

Monday, May 26, 2008

aDoPtion, the loving option....not aBoRtion, the...MURDER

I was at a Catholic book store and saw a really neat card...It had something like this on it.... I couldn't find it any where online...so I made my own on "paint" and here ya go. I just thought it was really neat. (I didn't do the best job at it.

This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day

Aisle after aisle of crosses in the ground
Those who fought with liberty on their lips
Now rest without a sound.
Uncles and brothers,
Father’s and Mothers,
All American soldiers who no longer stand.
The American soldiers who died for this land.
Your freedom wasn’t free,
Just look and you’ll see.
Family’s who cry for who they have lost,
Yes…Freedom in fact has a horrible cost.
Each solider knows what is at stake:
That they are risking their life in the choice they make.
That their children are at home constantly waiting
As their next move their leaders are always debating.
That tomorrow morning might never greet them.
And that dreaded death might suddenly meet them.
Helmets clapped down, knees in the ground,
Weapons ready, nice and steady,
An American solider prepared to fight.
Praying that he will live through the night.
We either fight or we die,
There’s no other reason why.
War is tragic but when he hears the bombs hit,
And the cry’s of many, he is reminded why he is a soldier.
Because of the soldiers who stood up and fought,
You have the great freedom that you’ve got.
Because of the thousands that now lay in the dirt.
You and your loved ones can live without hurt.
Someone has to be there, someone has to fight.
Let’s honor the people who did what was right.
This memorial day,
Let’s remember and pray
For the soldiers who gave their lives for this country,
And their proud families who must miss them dearly.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pray For My Sister!

My sister, her husband, and their five kids have just left on a HUGE road trip.
As We ALL know, that's going to be one BIG hassle, (despite all the fun!).
They are going to be in the "relm" of tornadoes for part of their journey...
so for their saftey....Please pray they make it home =, after haveing an amazing time, in one perfectly safe peice.!
Thank you a million!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Importance of Family


It’s colder tonight
As the winter draws near.
Still in our cardboard home,
Daddy said to stay here.

They took away our house,
Now we live on the street.
No one seems to care,
Not a single person we meet.

Daddy lost his job,
And one week later left.
Now he is in jail,
For violence and theft.

All my toys are gone.
The baby won’t stop crying.
Mommy can’t find work,
But she will never stop trying.

I’m sick of all the pavement.
I want my soft warm bed.
No covers but newspaper.
The side walk for my head.

Mommy brought home some candy.
One chocolate bar to share.
She also brought us mittens.
We each got our own pair.

My watch is broken,
It must be after midnight.
The ally way is filled,
With the ambulance light.

They’ve come to take the baby,
She cannot even breathe.
Mommy climbs in with them,
And without me they all leave.

Now I’m all alone.
All I can do is pray.
But when talking to God,
I don’t know what to say.

“God I know you watching,
I feel You in my heart.
You’ve watched us in our strengths,
And have seen us fall apart.

Thank You for all the mornings,
I though I’d never see.
Thank You for this strength,
You’ve put inside of me.

You always bring mom home,
In health and a good mood.
And despite the hard conditions,
You bless us with some food.

The world is a hard place.
But family helps allot.
They make me forget what I don’t have.
And appreciate what I’ve got.

Please bring them both back,
So I can see them again.
This is all I ask.
Thank you God, Amen.”

I walked to the hospital.
When the next day had arrived.
Mommy was in the chapel.
The baby hadn’t survived.

She looked into to my eyes,
And told me to be strong.
She held me in her arms,
And sang me a song.

The song was about Jesus,
And his amazing grace.
And as she sang it to me,
Tears streamed down her cold face.

She was shaking out of control
Her breathing became real deep.
She fell upon the ground;
I prayed she was only asleep.

I ran to get some help.
The doctor finally came.
She was still on the ground,
But didn’t look the same.

Her eyes were open
She had a smile on.
But she wasn’t awake.
She was gone.

Her eyes were looking at the cross.
Her hands gripped her medal tight.
I knew she was with God,
And that I would be alright.

The doctor had me taken care of,
The nurses took me away.
They put me in an orphanage,
And there I was supposed to stay.

I finally had a bed again,
and food at every meal.
They were all so good to me,
I didn’t think it was real.

Months later a family came to visit.
They talked with me for a while.
They said they wanted to take me home.
I said yes with a smile.

They welcomed me as a new member,
I felt like I belonged there.
I told them about my story.
They always seemed to care.

I missed my mother and sister,
But God had a plan for me.
Now he holds them closer,
For all eternity.

The world is a hard place.
But family helps allot.
They make me forget what I don’t have.
And appreciate what I’ve got.


A Return Home.
The mother holds her precious daughter
praying for the return of the loving father
He wares his cross close to his heart
and watches while all hope falls apart
The enemy is gaining all sense of powerand
he misses his family more by the hour
to make it home alive is his only thought
while he’s dodging the sounds of shot after shot
He wants to wrap his baby girl tight in his arms
to protect her, and his family from all harms
But he a soldier has duty to the call
and will fight to the end, though the end might prove small
Tears flow from his eyes though a man he may be
as he looks at his companions who can no longer breath
as he grasps his cross tightly in his fist
he runs into dark deep mist
determined to make it home
But he cannot make it alone.
His men are scattered all over the ground,
the bombs are everywhere yet he cant here a sound.
His heart is set on his little girls face,
As he runs for cover in this cold and forbidden place.
One second he’s there the next he is gone.
He awakes into light, as if the light was switched on.
Surrounded by loved ones and his relieved family,
He wakes up to find what he prayed he’d live to see.
He had fallen in the dark and the enemy had withdrawn.
The war had ended just when all hope was gone.
No one quite knew how he stayed alive.
Something greater than weapons had helped him survive.
Now he is home, and safe from all harm,
Holding his new baby with his uninjured arm.

I found this .. a poem I had written a while ago. And I thought someone might like to read it, tell me what you think.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A Little Poem for Mom:

Mom you’ve always made me stronger,

Taught me to hold on for just a little longer.

You correct my mistakes and praise my success.

You love to tell me just how to dress.

Being a teen I often cause trouble,

And being a twin, the difficulty is double.

However I’ve learned much more from you,

Than all of those friends who affect what I do.

I know you love me, and always choose what’s best;

I’m jut one of the 12 soon to leave the nest.

You really are magnificent in all that you are.

You’re my life’s greatest example by far!

You gave me life, along with Joann,

And you’ve help me to live it,

the best that I can.

Thank you a million for all you have done,

Up to now, since the instant my life begun.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring Poem

Such beauty fills the spring,
New life for everything.
Metallic colors fill the skies,
With the magic of each dazzling sunrise.
And Let's not forget,
The beauty of each sunset.
Dandelions all yellow and bright,
Transform into wishes that drift out of sight.
A walk in the sun will the do the soul good.
Time always flies by, faster than it should.
Reflections of greens and blues trapped in the lake.
A perfect day for a malt or a shake.
No need for a coat, but grab one just in case.
Those chancy clouds might steel, that sunlight on your face.
The frogs just keep going, and crickets never end!
But at least it's nice knowing, you can listen with a friend.
It seemed like winter lasted forever,
And the beginning of summer was going to be never.
But now it is spring, and nature is awake!
It's all announcing, the long waited Summer break!
We've had our fill of school's complication,
Let's hurry up and get started with Summer vacation!

We can do no great things, only small things with great love <3

-Mother Theresa